Easy, Cheap Manicure for On-the-Go Women

 I love good finds that are cheap and easy to use. When I first heard about imPRESS salon press-on manicure, I was so excited to try them. I had heard that they were amazing, and I had to try them for myself.

So I was able to try imPRESS salon press-on manicure for free thanks to BrandBacker and imPRESS. Here’s how to apply them in four easy steps:

1. Start with a clean slate. Take old nail polish off and wash your hands thoroughly.


2. Use the little nail file that came in the pack to lightly file your nails – the press-on nails need a rough surface to adhere to. Then use the alcohol prep pad to clean off the file dust.


3. Take the nails out of the package, and pick out ones that will fit onto each of your nails. Lay them out so they’re easy to find.


4. To apply the nails, simply peel the plastic off the back and press on to nail bed. They stick on via gel adhesive so that they don’t ruin your natural nails when you take them off. That also means that there’s no dry time or mess, like you’d have with nail glue.


I love the amazing mega gel shine that these nails have. They’re so quick and easy to apply and sturdy enough to withstand a week and a half of work. Each pack comes with 24 nails, so if one breaks, you can easily replace it. Get your pair today at Walgreens for $7.99, and see the full line of styles at www.impressmanicure.com.

This post was powered by BrandBacker. I received free samples of this product.


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