Discounted Travel Packages with Costco

Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of your unused vacation days from work. Booking vacations, however, can be expensive if you don’t know where to look. I booked my first vacation with Costco Travel this year, and I saved so much money and time compared to using another booking site.

Who, What, When, Where, Why?

My boyfriend and I were initially interested in visiting Nashville, Tenn., for a week in May. But when we looked at flights from Newark to Nashville, they were so expensive (about $1,500 for two round-trip tickets). That was before we even looked at hotels, let alone food and other expenses we would incur during the week. We weren’t interested in spending that much money, since we’re both young professionals with restrictive budgets.

So I was talking to a few people at work about it and heard that the most popular way to book a trip was through Costco Travel. I heard it was easy and cheap – sign me up!

The next night, my boyfriend and I did some research on Costco’s website and found a tropical getaway package for a decent price. Here’s the details.

Destination: Aruba

  • Two two-way airfare tickets
  • Shuttle service to and from airport
  • Food and beverage all-inclusive package
  • $100 voucher for a tour or day trip while in Aruba
  • Hotel room for seven days

= $2,000 per person!

I definitely recommend booking vacations through Costco Travel. The website was easy to navigate, and it was easy to choose the right vacation for us. There are other options besides tropical vacations, too. You can book cruises, hotels (separately), car rentals, and amusement parks – all at discounted rates!

My boyfriend and I saved so much money by booking with Costco. Will you??

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