Pret-tea in Pink: Part 2

Detoxes can be expensive, but Jillian Michaels’s turned out to be cheap and works really well!

Jillian Michaels’s detox tea claims to help you lose weight and detox your insides. I’ve been drinking it for more than two weeks now. (You can read all about the tea and my experiment in Part 1.) This recipe is something I’ve wanted to try for a while but had a hard time finding the tea at my local grocery stores.

The claim is that you can lose up to five pounds in seven days by drinking 60 oz. of the tea per day. I wasn’t able to drink that much and instead went through about two bottles (40 oz.) per day. After one week, I didn’t feel much different, except for the fact that I used the bathroom about 10 times a day!

The scale hadn’t budged much though. Overall I lost only three pounds in seven days – haven’t checked since because my expectations are kind of low and I don’t want to drive myself crazy. However, I don’t doubt that the claim is true, especially for people who drink a full 60 oz.

In addition to drinking more throughout the day, I’ve also been pairing a workout regimen with a 1,500 calorie diet. Hopefully continuing to drink this tea – the full 60 oz. each day – will help me break through my plateau and get me to where I want to be.

All in all, this is a great detox that’s relatively affordable and widely available online. I got my tea on Amazon for a great price and free shipping. If you’re interested in trying Dandelion Root Tea, leave a comment at the bottom of this post with a tea recipe you want to try and the hashtag #DandelionRootTea. I will pick a winner on April 17. (Be sure to have your e-mail address on your blog page so that I can contact you if you win.) Good luck!


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