The Cheapskate Workout that Actually Works

So I’ve recently gotten into high-intensity interval training, which is really great for aerobic health and building muscle. It’s great in part because I don’t need a gym membership to get a great workout. This winter has been so brutal that I couldn’t make it to the gym nearly as much as I wanted to, so I started doing HIIT workouts at home…for free!

exercise-quotes-pinterestexercise-quotes-pictures-photos-images-and-pics-for-facebook-mk4wkql8I’m so excited to start my lifestyle transformation, but before I explain my plan, I should explain more about what HIIT is and why it’s so great.

The ideology behind HIIT is that you switch between moderate intensity levels and high intensity levels – usually during strength training but can be used during cardio. HIIT helps burn more fat than a regular exercise routine. (You’re building muscle at a faster rate and keeping your heart rate up, so it makes sense.)

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: No exercise regimen is complete without a “diet” to go with it. But by “diet” I mean lifestyle change. If you go into this with the mind-set that you can eat right for a few weeks then go back to the way things were, you won’t see the results you’re hoping for.

As far as “diets” go, if you’re working out to build muscle, you should consume more protein than you normally would – about 200 grams per day. (Oh yeah, it also helps to keep a food journal and/or count calories to stay on track.) The MyFitnessPal app can get you started.

As for workouts, here is my schedule:


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday







20 mins.
20 mins.  cardio 20mins. cardio 5 mins.  cardio

20 mins. cardio


There are a bunch of websites that help me compile my workouts, but has been very helpful on my transformation journey. I also get ideas from Cosmopolitan – its expert really knows what she’s talking about – and Women’s Health. (Check back for a more detailed workout post.)

hqdefaultSo far, I’ve been working out on this regimen for two months, and I’ve noticed that I’m actually gaining weight, which means I’m gaining muscle. I’m not surprised, a little disappointed not to see the scale go down, but whatevs. This is only part one of my journey!


I want to hear from YOU! Share your words of wisdom, motivation, transformation stories, anything!



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