The Feeling of the Season: Peppermint Tea

One thing that reminds me of Christmas is peppermint. This time of year you can find nearly every product in a peppermint flavor. Until now, I’ve tried peppermint candies, coffee creamers, and body products (lotion, scrub, etc.). But now, I’m trying peppermint tea!

I received a free sample of Celestial’s Peppermint tea in Influenster’s #Fros20141231_135759tyVoxBox this month. I’m not a huge fan of peppermint, but this flavored tea hit the spot on a cold winter’s day. It balanced the flavors of tea and peppermint nicely and didn’t leave a nasty aftertaste, like some flavored teas do.

I shared some with my sister and mom, and they liked it too! It was the perfect remedy for being stuck inside all day. I’ve also heard that peppermint tea eases a stomach ache, among other things. I would definitely recommend this to people who like and love peppermint, but don’t drink too much or you’ll be running to the bathroom!

Health Benefits of Peppermint Tea  —  Organic Facts


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