Rimmel London: Pass, Fail

I’ve been using a crayon-pencil eyeliner for a few years now, so I’m already in love with Rimmel London’s waterproof eyeliner. I also use something by CoverGirl but switch on and off occasionally, depending on what’s in stock at the store. But this one has my vote!

I received a free sample of Rimmel’s eyeliner in Influenster’s #FrostyVoxBox this month. I love trying new products, but this is something I use every day!

I’ve tried different brands of eyeliner in the past but decided that crayon liners work best for my style. Rimmel London’s liner stayed on my eyes all day, without smudging. The only downside to that is that I had to wash my face twice to get it all off. Even with a makeup remover I had trouble getting it off.

Another free sample I got this month was Rimmel London’s Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. I usually use soap and water but am open to new products. In my opinion, soap and water works better. The liquid basically felt like water and didn’t remove any of the makeup on my face. The bottle even boasted “removes waterproof mascara” – NOT! Sorry Rimmel, better luck next time.


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