New Lipstick, New You

I love lipstick and trying different shades. My collection of colors is overflowing! One of my favorites, though, is the new sugar plum color from NYC. It’s neutral enough to wear with night time makeup but makes your lips stand out in a work environment.

I received a free sample of sugar plum lipstick in Influenster’s #FrostyVoxBox this month. At first I thought it was just a generic color, but then I tried it and loved it! It applied so smoothly and didn’t make my lips dry out, like some lipsticks do.

The first day I tried it I was going to work. It added a touch of style to my minimal makeup that day. The next time I wore it I was going to my boyfriend’s aunt’s house for Christmas. I wore a festive sweater and a little more makeup. It was neutral enough to wear with anything and didn’t take away from the rest of my makeup.



The color lasted a few hours (aka, a few drinks) but came off when I dabbed my mouth at dinner. I prefer a lipstick that comes off, though, because lip stains are too difficult to get off when I want it to come off.


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