ZenWise Labs Hair Growth Vitamins + DHT Blocker

The following is my opinion and experiences with a product supplied to me by BrandBacker and ZenWise Labs.

When it comes to hair styles, I change up my look frequently. But my hair doesn’t usually grow past shoulder length, even though I keep my hair healthy. I wash it daily (or every other day, depending on my workout schedule) with a coconut shampoo and conditioner to stimulate growth and get haircuts every few months.

I started taking hair growth vitamins plus DHT blocker by ZenWise Labs last Monday and noticed a difference right away. After I washed it the next night, my hair felt lighter and looked shiner. After three days I noticed my hair looked longer. Now, after a week of taking the vitamins, it’s about 3cm longer than when I started taking the vitamins. I will continue taking them to see how long my hair can get!

If you want the results, take the vitamins as directed—two vitamins daily with a meal. The first day I took the required dosage with a light meal, and then my stomach started hurting. But the following days I took them after dinner, and my stomach was fine.

You can try them for yourself at http://www.ZenWiseLabs.com.

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