Get Rid of Cellulite for the Summer… or For Today

I’ve been using SheaMoisture sugar scrub from Target for about two weeks now, and I have to say that the rumors are true. Not only does sugar scrub act as an exfoliant for your skin, but it also temporarily diminishes the appearance of cellulite.

As with all the products I try for the first time, I went into this experiment with an open mind. I had heard rumblings around the Web that using sugar scrubs with caffeine and/or antioxidants can lessen the appearance of cellulite, and I was determined to see for myself.

According to WebMD, “cellulite is nothing more than normal fat beneath the skin. The fat appears bumpy because it pushes against connective tissue, causing the skin above it to pucker.” The website also says that you don’t have to be overweight to have cellulite. And it’s genetic and more common in women. (Well that makes me feel better!)

So the rumor is that using sugar scrub on your affected area can help break up the fibers that push against the surface of your skin. All the websites I read suggested using a coffee scrub because its caffeine will dehydrate fat cells, making them shrink. I also read somewhere that scrubs containing antioxidants are good for that, too.

SheaMoisture's Sugar Scrub -- Target, $8

SheaMoisture’s Sugar Scrub — Target, $8

Target carries the SheaMoisture brand of scrubs for about $8, available in many varieties. I found one with olive oil, avocado, and green tea. The package boasted about its antioxidant ingredients, and green tea has caffeine in it, so I went for it. For $8 count me in! (Considering some of the coffee scrubs I found online were kind of expensive, and I didn’t have the resources to make one, even though it seems easy.)

I assumed these websites meant to rub the scrub into my skin until the sugar crystals dissolved, more of a massage than a regular rub. After I rinsed the remainder off my skin, I realized that my skin was super smooth and soft to the touch. I repeated this every day in the shower.

Now, after two weeks of constant use, I’m realizing a slight difference. It didn’t happen overnight, but it does work. This is also temporary, as the cellulite will return if you stop using the sugar scrub. I could imagine that a coffee scrub would work faster, and the results might last longer.

Another website listed a few other ingredients to pair with the scrub. For instance, using a massaging soap bar on the area could essentially do the same thing as the scrub but on a deeper level. That website suggested Bliss’s FatGirl Soap from Sephora–sorry, I’m not going to spend $19 on a bar of soap the size of my palm!

Bliss's Original Body Bar -- TJ Maxx, $4

Bliss’s Original Body Bar — TJ Maxx, $4

I found a cheaper version of Bliss’s Original Blue Body Bar at TJ Maxx for $4–what a great deal! You can sometimes find the most intriguing items in the clearance section of discount stores. (On top of that, I can’t find this online cheaper than $15!) Anyway, the concept here is that you gently massage the nubby side of the bar on the area to break up the deeper tissue.

Pairing the two worked well, but, again, the effects were still only temporary. The effects lasted longer when I drank plenty of water throughout the day and exercised three to four times a week. There is no cure for cellulite, but at least these ways can keep it at bay during the summer. I now feel comfortable going out in a bathing suit knowing my assets are less embarrassing.


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