Influenster’s #VowVoxBox

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these reviews, and I really miss it! I was one of the lucky bloggers to receive @Influenster’s #VowVoxBox for free! This box came with a Tide To Go stick, a bottle of Sally Hansen’s Manicure in a Bottle in the “Barracuda” shade, Pure Silk shave cream, EcoTools Pure Complexion facial sponge, and Olay Regenerist Luminous face cream.

I started this week by trying the manicure in a bottle. I love Sally Hansen (as exemplified by my numerous previous posts about her nail polishes), but this one surprised me and fell a bit flat. I like the rounded tip of the paint brush, and the color was beautiful, but I wasn’t pleased with how it applied. The polish itself was thin and needed more than two coats for decent coverage. The first coat went on streaky, so I thinned out each layer in hopes it would cover better. I finally got the look I wanted after applying three coats and Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dry top coat.

The color is beautiful, though, and I would recommend it to anyone attending a wedding this season or even just going to the beach or a party. The “Barracuda” color is a light blue shade that would go well with a summer dress or bathing suit. It also pops against my tan! You can also dress up the color with some sparkles or glitter top coat or by using a design. I experimented for the first time with chevron. It looks amazing with the blue color. $6.49

I also had high expectations for the Tide To Go stick, since I’ve heard so many good things about it from my coworkers who use it. Here’s the scene: It’s Tuesday morning. It’s going to be a scorching 90 degrees outside. I’m wearing my new white tank top, all crisp and clean. I’m juggling a thousand things in my hands as I reach for my keys to the office. All of a sudden, WHOOPS! My coffee spills all over my new white shirt! Then I remember that I had the Tide To Go stick in my bag from the night before. PERFECT!

Within a few seconds I notice the stain beginning to disappear. I love how quick and easy it is to use. I could imagine all the working mothers in the world rejoicing when this hit store shelves. Shannon Davis, working mother of two, says she lives on Tide To Go. “I carry Tide to Go sticks everywhere I go. There’s always one in my car, bag, and a few at home. They clean up after my daughter spills juice or, worse, syrup on herself. They even cleaned up blood on my shirt after she had a bloody nose on me. The product is great when there’s no soap or water and your kids are a mess.”

And it isn’t expensive either. Like Shannon, I’m putting one everywhere I go and giving one to everyone in my family, especially my two cousins who are getting married this fall. It’s a real life saver. $2.94

Being that it’s summer and I frequently wear skirts and short pants to work, it’s important for me to shave my legs (nearly every day, I might add). I used to just quickly drag my razor over my legs, using only a handful of soap to ease the shave. I never liked shaving gel that turns to foam for some reason. PureSilk’s shave cream opened my eyes to other types of shaving cream and not just gel. Not only does it leave my skin feeling smooth and comforted, but it also keeps them that way for at least two days. Now I can get away without shaving for at least three days.

It comes in a regular aerosol can, but it comes out as a thick cream. You don’t need to use a lot either. If you wet your legs and hands before you apply it, it thins out a bit to cover your whole leg without using a whole palm full. (You really only need a little dollop per leg.) I never liked the fact that shaving with soap left a residue. And I’ve noticed that the shave cream leaves nothing behind but silky smooth skin. 2 Pack = $2

On another note, my nighttime regimen has changed drastically since acquiring this box from Influenster. For instance, I never really had any ritual besides taking my makeup off and washing my face with a washcloth. Now, I’ve been using EcoTools’ facial sponge and Olay’s Regenerist Luminous facial cream before bed.

The sponge surprised me, as I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with it initially. I was accustomed to using a washcloth to wash my face, but this sponge changed my outlook on facial care. It was hard and plastic-like when I took it out of the package. The directions said to rinse it under warm water to “activate” it and use a soft facial cleanser with it. So I held it under warm water for a few seconds and noticed the density start to change. It turned into a sponge! And I only needed to use a small bit of cleanser to make it sudsy.

The best part about the sponge is that it’s made of 100% recycled material. Even the package was made of recycled material. A+ for being environmentally friendly in addition to the fact that EcoTools has an amazing product. After I lightly scrubbed my face and rinsed off the cleanser, I noticed my skin felt lighter and cleaner than it would if I used a washcloth. Sometimes the washcloth would irritate my skin more than cleanse it. This is definitely a worth-while product to try and then fall in love with. $5.99

So now, after I wash my face, I apply Olay’s face cream right before bed. The best thing about this cream is that it doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy, like some other creams I’ve tried in the past. All you need is one dab in each corner of your face, and it covers easily and evenly. After only a few days of using it, I found that the redness in my cheeks was disappearing. The box says to allow for one week before you see a change, but I noticed it almost immediately.

My skin felt so healthy after using the cream, too. It didn’t feel like I was putting a mask on or anything. My face still felt fresh and new when I woke up the next morning. I noticed I wasn’t breaking out as much either. This cream is a bit expensive for my taste, but if you’re looking for something that works and works well, this is the face cream for you. $23.63

Those were the products in Influenster’s #VowVoxBox. I’m even more excited about my cousins’ weddings now that I’m set with products. If you are a blogger but aren’t aware of Influenster, please please please check out its website. There are so many benefits to being in a blogger network. I love it and so will you.

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