Be Smart With Your Money


In light of the impending graduation season, the Washington Post recently published an article about teaching 2014 graduates to be financially savvy. I’ll let you read the article if you’re interested, but I did want to speak to it.

I graduated college in 2012 with +$30,000 of debt. It took me a little less than a year to find a full-time job that paid well (kind of hard to do with just an English degree). At the moment, I still live at home to save up money for a new car/apartment/life. Not to mention I pay a rather large bill every month, thanks to my loan debt.



“The average rent across the U.S. for an apartment with two bedrooms or less is $1,231 per month, and in many cities, it can be much more, especially if you are hoping to live in a good location with a lot of action.”

I’m not trying to cry the blues, but this is the life of a college graduate today. Our generation won’t know what retiring feels like because we’ll have to work until our arthritis makes our knees give out. Not everyone thinks that far into the future – ok, I get it. But for the moment, Generation Z-ers should know what they’re in for.


“The average student loan debt per student for last year’s graduating class was $35,200.”

The article talks about how expensive the cost of living is and the extra bills we’ll have to take on once we do move out on our own. The scary reality of it is that the price of a single bedroom, single bathroom apartment in my area of New Jersey costs the same as a two-bed, two-bath luxury apartment in Florida. (Ok, now I’m crying.) You can’t even pee at a restaurant for free anymore (yep, you have to be a paying customer). Anyway, I read the article thought it was very well-written and informative. It also gives retirement advice at the end. It’s very important to plan for today to live for tomorrow because you never know what’s going to happen. Leave comments/questions/concerns in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

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