Best Allergy Season Remedies


Anyone else suffering from TERRIBLE seasonal allergies?? I’ve been sneezing my nose off since March! Short of cutting down all the trees and digging up all the flowers and grass, what options do we have besides sticking it out?

You can try some of these tricks to prevent seasonal allergies:

  1. Wash your clothes often. I usually wash laundry once a week but boost my loads to once every two or three days during pollen season. You don’t realize how much pollen you pick up just from walking to your car or around the pond at lunchtime.


  1. Shower/wash your hair at night. This is a new tip that a coworker advised me of. The same concept as No. 1 above but with your hair. With the windy weather we can potentially have, we pick up more pollen than we might think, and going to sleep with pollen in our hair allows the pollen to spread to our pillows and bedding.


  1. Groom your pets. Just like we humans need to shower to remove pollen, our animals need the same grooming. My dog gets allergic to pollen and mulch (I know because he nibbles at his skin until he develops blisters L). My cat loves the outdoors and usually only comes inside to eat and sleep when the weather is warm, so she gets dunked in the bath, too! I love cuddling with my pets, which is why we groom them frequently during the spring and summer.


  1. Don’t eat outside. It’s gross to think about, but chances are that we’ve eaten our fair share of pollen over the years. Obviously it doesn’t affect us too much. For someone like me who fears stepping outside during the “growing season,” eating outside is a nightmare, especially when your neighbors plant flowers in their joining yard.


  1. If you must garden, cover your face. I don’t usually plant a garden, but when my neighbors do, it hurts to watch. I can’t stand the thought of pollen particles flying around my vulnerable nose! And my neighbors and I have joining backyards, so it’s tough to avoid the tingly smell of flowers when we’re entertaining in our yard.


As for remedies, I can suggest buying out Walgreens’ stock of Zyrtek (or any other allergy pill that works for you), like I normally do. I recently tried the generic version, and it works the same. With the amount of allergy medicine I go through per year, buying generic is the way for me. I’ve also tried the store-name brand of Allegra, and it works great also.

You can’t go wrong with a nose spray. I’ve been digging my heels in for years trying to avoid this advice. But at one point this year I was at my wits end and tried it. Surprisingly it didn’t drip down my throat like I had thought it would. Instead, it cleared up my stuffed nose and allowed me to breathe when I laid down. You don’t need a prescription anymore for a good nose spray either. You can get a generic saline solution for less than $8. Nasacort is the new one I’ve heard of that works really well, and it’s only $12 at Walgreens.

I wear contacts, so when my eyes get itchy and puffy, I can’t rub them. I find that Visine makes the best allergy eye drops for contact users. This is something I wouldn’t recommend cheating on. When it comes to my eyes and vision, I don’t want to mess around with any of the knock-offs that might end up hurting you more than helping. Right now you can get Visine drops for less than $5 at Target.

One thing that I SWEAR I will never try is a netty pot. My mom loves it and says it clears her sinuses so well that she doesn’t suffer from allergies anymore. I praise the people who use it, but it’s a little too complicated for me, and I’m afraid of the feeling of drowning (even if it is just psychological).

If you’re unsure what you’re allergic to or when you’re allergic to it, contact your doctor. He or she can recommend an allergist, leading to a better diagnosis and, therefore, better medicine. You also can check your region for pollen counts here. Right now, in my area, the tree pollen is at high levels.

Please share your ideas and feedback below. What’s your #1 go-to remedy for fighting allergies? I would love to try it!


Conscious Nashville – How to Garden with Allergies

NY Life Supply – Take the Time to Smell Springtime Roses—After Taking Your Allergy Medication


4 thoughts on “Best Allergy Season Remedies

  1. Vinny Grette says:

    I adore flowers and the idea of staying in during our prettiest season is just crazy to me. So I get through the worst of it with Clariton and the netty pot. I like the squeezy version and have found that it doesn’t hurt – just washes things out efficiently where it counts.


    • Mandi says:

      I agree! I love all the colors of the season, and the cherry blossom trees are my favorite! I’ll have to try the netty pot one of these days. I hear so many good things about it.


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