Take the Sucking Out of Housework

Spring is upon us! And with the springtime comes spring cleaning! Aren’t you excited? *sigh* So I’ve decided to do a spring cleaning post for anyone who needs a new vacuum. All these years I’ve heard that Dyson vacuum cleaners are supposed to be “the best,” “top-of-the-line,” yadda, yadda. My family got one about two years ago, and we think it sucks…

Ok, so not in conventional terms. We hated the vacuum. It didn’t suck up anything that our previous vacuum would suck up. (I think we used to have a Dirt Devil, and it would suck up anything in its path, like dog/cat food pellets, bird seed, and anything stuck in a carpet. It lived a long life, too!) But once our old vacuum stopped working, we got a new one based on consumer reports.


We got the Dyson DC25 (pictured right), which didn’t live up to the apparent Dyson reputation. It has very low suction power, even though we frequently empty the chamber and change the filter. It’s also hard to handle—it pivots on a ball, which makes it hard to maneuver around corners and under tables. It’s also very heavy. We’ve had it for about two years, but I refuse to use it anymore.

To be honest, I’ve discovered the Swiffer vacuum (pictured left) was more effective than a Dyson for small messes and quick dustings. It also fits under more things than the Dyson, which prevents you from cleaning under tables and chairs because of its pivot ball. The Swiffer doesn’t work very well on carpets, though.

I also have a Black & Decker (pictured center) hand-vac that I love. It’s outlasted all other brands that my mom has bought throughout the years. For a little dust buster, it has amazing suction power. It can pick up dog/cat food pellets and little pebbles that might get brought into the house on our shoes. The battery lasts a while too. The charger base hangs perfectly on the wall of my closet, making for easy storage.

Another problem with big vacuums is the size of them. I like the smaller, compact vacuums that pack a stronger punch and last longer. I find it difficult to make room in my already-bulging hall closet, so hanging a dust buster or Swiffer on the wall is much more sensical for me.

Dyson vacuums cost anywhere from $400-$700 online. The Swiffer vac and Black & Decker duster are $40 each. But if you have carpets and need something more substantial, you can get a smaller upright vacuum from Dirt Devil, Hoover, or Bissell for $100 or less.

If you’re looking to save money, ditch the costly, bulky vacuums and get something small with lots of power. In the end, you’ll realize a difference.

To see a video of ABC newscasters testing different vacuums, visit http://abcnews.go.com/Business/top-picks-consumer-reports-puts-vacuum-cleaners-test/story?id=12985601.


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