Cheap, but Professional, French Tips

Stick-on nails are not just for pre-teens anymore. The latest trend comes from Sally Hansen, Broadway Nails, and imPRESS. They’re easy to apply, and you’ll look professional in a snap. I don’t necessarily like one brand over the other because each has its own unique designs and each is cheaper (and less messy) than getting acrylic tips from a salon.

Personally, I don’t like getting acrylic tips put on for more than one reason: (1) They’re expensive; (2) my nails get filed down so much that when I get the tips taken off, I barely have natural nails left; (3) tips look terrible when they grow out, and (4) I don’t get them filled because I go through phases of “I want tips” and “I don’t want tips.”

Experimenting with new nail products is one of my hobbies. So I like to paint my nails at least once a week and experiment with nail art, but it’s nice every now and then not to have to worry about the mess of nail polish. The brand of stick-on nail I tried was imPRESS—they offer a wide variety of designs and lengths. It took me a total of 10 minutes to choose the right sizes and stick them all on. For those of you who have gotten acrylic tips before, you know that’s one tenth of the time it takes, and yet they still look professional.


There are 24 nails in 12 sizes that come in a package of imPRESS nails.

The good thing about imPRESS nails is that they come with gel glue on the back of the nails already. All you have to do is peel off the protective cover and stick it on your nail. If you choose a set by Broadway or Kiss, you’ll have to glue them on using a nail glue stick. I don’t mind using either type because each brand has its own styles and designs. But I’ve noticed that the gel glue lasts longer, and the nails don’t fall off as easily. Either way works well though.


The back of the nail has a gel adhesive. Just peel the plastic off and stick onto your nail. It’s easier than using regular nail glue.

I haven’t even mentioned the best part of this yet: Each nail set costs less than $8! If you were to go to the salon to get acrylic tips, you’d spend at least $30—and more if you need a fill-in. Not to mention you’d be ruining your nails by getting them filed down so much. With any of these brands, you only have to file the top of your nail just enough for the glue to adhere. And you can easily peel them off when you’re done wearing them.

I was able to last an entire week and a half on the same set of imPRESS nails. Other brands usually last more than a week if you keep replacing the ones that fall off or crack. And if you’re looking for a quick wedding-icure, this is your fix. I wouldn’t recommend these to people who are used to getting acrylic nails, but if you want to look your best for an event or vacation, choose the cheaper and easier option. — Steph Osmanski


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