Juice Detox/Diet Conclusions

Last week I juiced for two days and drank a liquid diet for four (with a few snacks thrown in). Needless to say, I didn’t lose seven lbs. in seven days, but my body generally feels healthier. Before I started this liquid diet/detox, I was a relatively healthy eater who hit a plateau in weight loss. I’m not majorly over weight, but I felt that I had lost weight everywhere except around my midsection. After a week of detox, I’m happy to say that I’m continuing to live my life normally, partially still following the diet.

After a fun-filled weekend with my boyfriend at the state fair, I still feel optimistic that my weight loss has just begun. For any of you who have been to a state fair, you know there are at least two foods you HAVE to eat in order for it to feel like summer: fried Oreos and boardwalk curly fries. Last summer, I would’ve gone crazy and ate everything in sight. However, this year, I know my boundaries and only ate a limited amount of each. (For all of you who have never had a fried Oreo, YOU ARE MISSING OUT AND SHOULD TRY ONE ASAP!! Then you will know my dilemma.)

Here-go-forward, I plan to only eat when my stomach growls and continue to drink plenty of water throughout the day. My meal plans will include no meal for breakfast. Instead I will go back to drinking coffee every morning. (I was regular on the days I drank coffee.) I will pack a vegetable (salad) and a fruit for lunch. I will start going to the gym again and have a protein-packed dinner. I have high hopes that my portion control will take care of the rest.

Something I haven’t looked into yet is where I can find ginger root vitamins. I’m sure Walgreens or Shoprite would have them cheap. Better yet, I can take Dr. Oz’s recommendation and take raspberry ketone, which he calls “a fat burner in a bottle”: www.doctoroz.com/videos/miracle-fat-burner-bottle. Why haven’t I heard of this before?? I will look into it more before I jump into anything, though.

Conclusion No. 1: This diet does work! You just have to stick to it 100% to see actual results. If I continued my specific pattern, it probably would take me at least a month to visually see results. But NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT! I wanted to try a diet that was proven to cut fat in a limited time, and I did. I wasn’t patient enough to see it through. It worked as a detox though. My body feels healthier, even after the garbage I ate over the weekend.

Conclusion No. 2: It’s true what they say about not pushing your boundaries. The first day of this detox was hell for me, which made me realize that it’s not meant for everyone. This detox/diet is just ok for my busy lifestyle. I like to work out five days a week, so it was tough for me to laze on the couch every night last week. You also have to be a very dedicated person to follow through with a diet like this. Finding different variations of juices I liked took too long to prepare. Good luck to those who want to start juicing, and congrats to those who have done one in the past. I solute you.

Conclusion No. 3: DO RESEARCH! My downfall, I think, was that I didn’t research the nutrients going into each juice, which caused me to crash even harder than normal. I think it would’ve been better if I had planned each juice from the get-go. For example, if I would’ve added kale, I would’ve gotten my recommended daily vitamins in ONE juice. (Not to mention, kale is an expensive ingredient.) If I would’ve added ginger to each juice, it would’ve burned more fat and cut my cravings a bit more.

My final thoughts on juicing and dieting: Juicing is okay for some people, but it’s not meant for everyone. Dieting isn’t meant for everyone either, but it’s easier to diet with food than with juice–at least for me and my body type. Juicing was the gateway for me to break through my plateau. A balanced diet and plenty of exercise is good enough for the normal, everyday person who just wants to lose some weight. So if you do it right, you will achieve your goal.

Feel free to leave comments and questions below!


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