Juice Detox/Diet Day 5

Day five of my detox wasn’t too bad. I woke up feeling tired but got up earlier than normal. I fell asleep last night at 9 p.m. I got a really good night sleep and felt refreshed when I woke up a little bit more.

Today I took a protein shake for breakfast and packed one for lunch. I drank about 60 oz. of water throughout the day. I was energized at work, and I felt like I was more focused.

For lunch, instead of drinking my protein shake, I was influenced to try a smoothie from a local deli. It was good, but it was made with really sweet juice. I was only able to drink half of it. And about a half hour later, my stomach started gurgling.

Friday nights are date nights for me and my boyfriend. So usually we would go out to dinner after working out (after work). This week we decided to order in and take the day off from the gym. I plan to start lightly working out again on Monday.

I had decided early in the week that Friday night would be a “cheat” night mainly because I don’t see my boyfriend often, and we usually go out to eat. Anyway, for dinner I cheated and ate an eggplant parmigiana sub from our favorite Italian place.

Midway through eating, I realized I was getting full and stopped myself from eating any more. I anticipated my stomach hurting in an hour anyway. The sub itself really wasn’t that greasy or cheesy. My breakthrough thought: my stomach had shrunken, and I’m now able to control my portion sizes.

Even if I go back to eating solid food now, I will have a good basis for portion control and better judgement of what to put in my body. (Just ignore that list of fantasy food I posted the other day!)

My expectations when I started this detox included the “diarrhea” theory and “fat” theory. As of today, day 5, I’ve only pooped three times, and that was one day! So that myth was crushed for me. The other myth was that I would lose more body fat than muscle. I haven’t been to the gym to lift in about a week. So I’m sure that I’ve lost some muscle mass. I’ve only lost two lbs., and I haven’t noticed my belly decreasing in size. More conclusions to come at the end of the weekend.

Today I learned that a little sacrifice could go a long way. Even though I suffered a few days with juicing, it set me up for a better dieting journey in the future. Will I continue to juice/drink a liquid diet? At this point I don’t know. I’ve gone through such a range of emotions this past week (actually I think I was fighting with myself) that I don’t know what the next step is in my dieting journey. For now, I’m proud of myself that I made it as far as I did.

Feel free to leave comments and questions below!


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